Friday, 5 April 2013

When Cik M paid a visit

Whenever I am *malas, I usually find an easier way to complete my task. Easier yet effective.  For example, if I am too lazy to cook, I will either go out and *tapau food or just boil a few packets of instant noodle.  When I tapau food, my kitchen is clean, no dishes are needed, plus I won't be all sweaty from all the cooking.  If I boil some instant noodles, only some cutlery will be used.  Therefore, these 2 choices seem easier and effective. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't choose from any of the above today.  First, I'm in Japan so, to tapau halal food is such a hassle. Second, my *maggi mee is currently out of stock.  That leaves me with no option besides cooking.  

After checking out the fridge, I saw some shrimps, scallops and pepper.  Remember, the key word here is malas.  I was too lazy to do some grocery shopping this week which means, there's not much left in the fridge. So there I was, tossing one ingredient after another and wallaaah!  My very own version of Hot & Spicy Scallop and Shrimp Spaghetti.

Here's the recipe :)  Since it's a *campak-campak recipe, I can't remember the exact measurement.  

Scallop & Shrimp Spaghetti
A packet of spaghetti (boiled)
Some scallops & shrimps (or any other seafood that you prefer)
Green or red pepper
Garlic (5 cloves, sliced them)
Chilli flakes (or lada kering cut into small pieces)
Black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Italian parsley (for garnishing)

First, mix the scallops & shrimps with some salt and black pepper. Then, saute them for a few minutes and you shouldn't overcook them.  Put them aside.  Next, heat some olive oil in the pan and saute the garlic. When it turn yellowish, add the chilli flake and add some black pepper.  After that, toss the spaghetti, followed by green or red pepper.  Don't forget to add some salt. Mix everything well.  Lastly, add the sauteed scallops & shrimps.  Mix them again and then serve.  I used Italian parsley to garnish my spaghetti.

This meal is ready within 20 minutes, but of course you have to make sure all the ingredients & equipments ready beforehand. 

My hubby is not a fan of Italian or Western food. However, he asked for a refill so, good job Mama! I made it extra hot as I really love hot and spicy food.  So, give it a try!

*malas - lazy
*tapau - buy take-away food
*maggi mee - a brand of instant noodle 
*campak - toss


  1. looks delicious. simple food is always good.

    1. Thanks :). That's very true. I've browsed through your blog. Bolehlah mintak tunjuk ajar dari senior blogger kan? ;D

  2. Thanks :). That's very true. I've browsed through your blog. Bolehlah mintak tunjuk ajar dari senior blogger kan? ;D