Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hello Osaka!

The first few months were hectic. Having almost zero knowledge of Japanese language, buying things and finding ways were challenging. We bought salt instead of sugar and vinegar instead of cooking oil! 
We walked to buy grocery, to the malls, to the convenient stores and to the school.  I'd probably shed a few kilos that time haha.. 

        Hubby and kids. Getting lost was like a routine though he was always with his maps ;P 

We normally would smile and bow when we didn't know how to reply.  We would feel VERY proud when we got to say arigatao or konnichiwa or ohaiyo gozaimas to the Osakans. We used sign language to ask questions(until now). 

Finding the perfect house, the perfect school, the perfect location and the perfect furniture for our home were our missions. After two months of house hunting, close enough to the missions, we found the almost perfect home. Our small apartment is located nearby our child's school and the train stations. We also bought bicycles to commute to school. So called healthy lifestyle in the making :D.

Trisya & Wafiy enjoying their ride :)

My husband, my 8 year-old daughter, Trisya, my 5 year-old son, Wafiy and I are still getting used to the yes and no-nos here. There are so many things to observe and so many to like. I'll share them with you InsyaAllah from time to time. 

Being a full-time housewife is a whole new experience to start with. The never-ending chores, cooking, cleaning, washing, wiping, mopping, cycling, teaching, scolding, screaming and the list goes on and on and on.  Not to say that I've never done these before, but this time around I'm doing all these 24/7. On a brighter side, I get to spend more time BONDING which makes a whole lot of difference. 

Adapting to the weather is another challenge to us especially during winter, though I got used to cuddling very easily ;).  Only now I can comprehend why Japanese LOVE to shop.  They shop for different types of clothing for each season. Well, I can wear the same set of clothing year in and year out back in Malaysia.  Thinking that I could do the same here, we ended up blending in with the culture.  We had to shop for long-sleeved tops, down jackets, inner clothing with heating system, the fluffy sleepwear, socks and boots to warm us up.  I had to do a last-minute research for creams and lotions to use in the cold season after seeing our faces turned red and our skin started to peel. We didn't really prepare ourselves this time around. 

All in all, it was a good beginning. We definitely learnt a lot from the experience and are still learning.  I'm learning to enjoy every minute of my life and I'm grateful for who I am and what I have today. 

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