Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cycling is the new lifestyle....for us

As salam.
  • The last cycling session that I had was like 20 years ago. Now, I'm riding again! To my daughter's school, to the grocery shop, to the mall, blah, blah, blah. It's a healthy lifestyle.  At least, I'm exercising  and this is good news. 

My beloved bff. The cheapest bike that we found. It comes with Shimano gear shifters. Pretty good buy!

That's me sprinting on my bike while snapping pic! 
* Do not try this act unless you're a pro :D

  • Majority of Osakans use bicycles as their main transportation alongside the trains or subways. Bicycle is the most convenient option (except during rainy days) to move from one place to another without spending so much money. 
  • There are many types of bikes sold here. Among the popular ones is electric-assisted bikes, from brands like Panasonic, Bridgestone and Yamaha. They call this type of bike Mama's Bike.
  • Usually, mama's bike comes with baby or child carriers. The price starts from 90,000yen(depending on the brands, special functions and accessories) each.

This is how it looks like.

A picture of a Mama's Bike. Cool huh? I'd love to have one. *Hint hint Mr Hubby

  • Cycling is like walking, but faster, you know what I mean ;P.  You have the privilege of riding on the pavement for pedestrians which is safer, especially when you have a child tailing you. 

 That's Trisya riding her own bike, tailing her papa.

 Queuing to get into the parking bays

  • Bicycles are everywhere here.  They even have parking bays especially for bicycles, which I have never seen before anywhere in Malaysia.  They are not free, of course.  Usually, it'll cost you a flat rate of 200yen.  

This is how we park our bikes.

There are spaces to park on top as well

  • The parking bays provided aren't sufficient since there are too many bicycles around. So, you'll see many bicycles parked everywhere even though there are 'no parking' signs placed there. 


  • Be prepared to receive a warning ticket or your bicycle being towed if  you park illegally.  According to the people here, the municipal usually pastes a piece of paper that states the exact day and date to inform the public of their rounds.  

Do not park your bicycles here. Though I can't read Japanese, I think that's what it means.

  • Being aliens here, we didn't know of such practice(it's an excuse, I know :P).  
  • After parking our bicycles at the same spot repetitively for the past few months, luck was not on our side that day.  Our bicycles were towed to a place near the Universal Studios of Japan.  Hubby had to pay around 8000yen for the penalty.  Seriously, we can buy another bike with that amount of money :(  

  • We sure have learnt our lesson.  

  1. Never park too long
  2. Make sure to read the sign to know when they'll make their rounds! ;P