Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A pat on the back!

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah, I have finally managed to gather myself together to sit in front of this lappy and come out with this blog :'). I've not really figured out what this blog will be mainly about, I'll just write whatever comes to mind, so bare with me please ;P

As an introduction, I'll just briefly talk about myself(for those who don't know me). 
My family and I came to Osaka 8 months ago, which was in August,2012. My husband, who is working with a Malaysian government agency was transferred here. Having to bid farewell to my families, friends, job and country was not easy. The thought of being apart from families and friends scared the h**l out of me.  

Families who came to say goodbye at KLIA that night :')

     Little Rafa & Wafiy. Man to man hug?

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful families and amazing friends(you know who you are ;)) who never fails to be there for me. Though we are thousands miles apart, I always feel so close to them. Thanks to the technology as we can say still say hi and get the latest gossips within seconds ;D 

This blog is also to fulfill my Alungkampoli gang's wish to see me blogging. Thank you Nurul, Cikjah, Kangmas, Firdaus & Abg Long for your words of encouragement.  Thank you for being there to listen to my annoying gibberish and to answer my foolish questions. I want to hear feedback from you, keep them coming!  I hope not to dissapoint you, so I'm keeping my fingers cross to commit myself into this blogging world. 

 This was taken on my last day at my former workplace. 
   Alungkampolis in action :D From left: Kangmas, Firdaus, Me(standing), Cikjah & Nurul.
Abg Long is not in the picture. He was busy monitoring his planet Jupiter :P

There are many light bulbs appearing in my heads now but they're all messed up. Need to put them in order, do more research and gather all the photos. Hopefully this blog will work out well. Amin. 

See you in a few days!


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    1. ngatkan sape la +mika salo ni tau tak? jenuh mikir sape pulak yg ckp thanks ni hahahaha

  2. ingatkan sape la +mika salo ni tau tak? jenuh mikir sape pulak yg ckp thanks ni hahahaha

  3. hahahahah.. xde pose lain ke?? tekengkeng ajo..

    1. hahahahah ni je gambar kita beramai-ramai masa tu! nnt raya tangkap byk sikit pls!!!!!!